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Outdoor photography in fantastic bohemian settings where you get a magical memory for life! An outdoor shoot includes that little something extra. An experience for you to imortalize your pregnancy in the most magical way. I work a lot on conveying self-esteem and strength in my pictures. For me, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in front of the camera and when you look back at the photos.



  • Consultation about your personal pregnancy photography as well as samples and selection of pregnancy dresses in the studio

  • Loans of up to 3 maternity dresses

  • Photography takes place during the day at the chosen location for about 1 1/2 hours

  • Selection of images from an edited gallery

  • 5 high-resolution digital images

The experience will take about 3 hours

9 499: -

Golden  Hour

  • Consultation about your personal pregnancy photography as well as samples and selection of pregnancy dresses in the studio

  • Loans of up to 3 maternity dresses.

  • Photo-shooting will be done during daylight on chosen  location  i about 2 hours.

  • Photoshoot is done during evening.

  • Choosing pictures from a luxury webgallery.

  • 5 high quality images

The experience will take about  3 hours

11 000: -

How does it work?

As there are only limited times per month for outdoor photography, it is important to book well in advance to ensure you get a time that suits your pregnancy.

The payment is made the day of the photo shoot.

The days before the current day for photography, we hear from each other and check the weather. Should it rain, we will rebook a date as soon as possible. (I always keep a couple of spare dates due to weather changes)

The day for photography you come to my studio in Bromma and we talk about your vision and wishes. You can go through my beautiful maternity dresses and try out the ones you like. You are invited to coffee and we get to know each other a little closer.

Then we head to the selected location. Either we go together in my car or we go separately.


Once in place, we create magic and have an unforgettable moment!


About 1 week after the photo shoot, you will receive a gallery with edited photos to choose from. If you have difficulty choosing the number that has been decided before, you can of course buy more!


1 digital picture 350:-
Fresh flowerwreath 1500:-

30x40 1100:-
50x70 2400:-
70x100 3600:-

Good to know before booking!

    • To guarantee the date you want for pregnancy photography, I recommend sending your request as soon as possible.

    • Another tip is to plan the photography between about week 28-35  when the stomach has had time to grow a little, but has not had time to begin to sink.

    • When we have set a date, a confirmation will be sent. Due to corona times, it is of utmost importance to get symptom-free!

    • You book through the form at the bottom of the page or via email  

    • If canceled later than 48 hours, SEK 500 will be charged  Exceptions are made for medical certificates and symptoms of colds. Change of time also takes place no later than 48 hours before booked photography.

    • Partner and / or  any future big siblings are welcome to take part in the photography (it is important that everyone is symptom-free).

    • To guarantee the best  service and quality for you, I only receive a limited number of pregnancy photos per month as I am very concerned about my customers. It's not just about immortalizing your pregnancy with beautiful pictures, but also about creating an experience tailored just for you.

Ask a question or book!

Thank you for keeping in touch! I will get back to you as soon as I can.

For more information and booking please email your request to or call 0737428217


073-742 82 17  

Ulvsundavägen 108a,

16867 Bromma

1 floor with elevator!

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