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Milkbath photography

If you haven't heard of this type of photography, you've missed out on something incredibly cute! It is a milk bath for small children filled with colorful fruits and flowers!

In addition to being super cute, it is both aesthetically beautiful to immortalize your child in a milk bath but also the fine symbolism. The milk in the bath symbolizes closeness and love between parent and child, as milk is often associated with breastfeeding and nourishment. It is also seen as a celebration of the first moments of a child's life and a reminder of its innocent nature.

I recommend doing a milkbath photo shoot when the child is about 3-4 months up to about 1 year.



  • Consultation regarding your photography

  • Choose between white or brown wooden floor

  • Photography in the studio approx. 45 min

  • 5 high resolution digital retouched images

  • The price includes flowers & fruit for the bath


SEK 6900

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For more information and booking please email your inquiry to or in case of urgency text 0737428217

Ulvsundavägen 108a,

16867 Brake

1 tr up with lift!

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