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Who am I?

Hello there!

My name is Olivia Nordlander and I work as a photographer, make up artist, stylist, producer and much more!

I was born into the profession with parents who worked as photographers and started taking pictures when I was 15 years old!


10 years have passed since I really started working with it and I have learned a lot during the journey! My biggest interest is to photograph pregnant women and newborns precisely because it is such an honor to be able to immortalise the greatest thing in people's lives!


More about me: I am 30  years old and live with my husband (who I work with by the way!) And our common son of 5 years and my stepdaughter. My husband and I met in the media industry and have been together for almost ten years!


I always try to understand your situation and can relate very much to the pregnancy and the first time with the baby! (and the time after that with: P) Therefore, I see our meeting as a personal, relaxed and fun moment where we together create magic!

Do you have questions about pregnant, newborn, or family photography? Get in touch and I will help you further!

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